KODEIT for Schools

Boundless Learning with Lesson Integration for Students

Boundless Learning with Lesson Integration for Students

KODEIT provides a unique and innovative ICT curriculum, empowering students to build a strong foundation and progress towards mastering real-world and advanced/future ICT concepts. In alignment with international educational standards, the ICT curriculum significantly surpasses expectations, setting a new standard for ICT educational advancement.

In grades 1 through 5, students establish fundamental ICT skills and apply them practically, while in grades 6 through 12, they delve into real-world ICT competencies alongside tailored elective courses. At KODEIT, the learning experience is enhanced with engaging methods such as creativity, coding, audio/video resources, digital simulations, and textbooks. As students advance, they explore further opportunities at KODEIT, earning badges and recognition along the way.



Teachers foster creativity in learning say their students often demonstrate problem-solving skills


Students say they often work on projects with real-world applications


Teachers say lesson plans that make transformative use of technology are better for students to connect their learning to the real world

Endless Inspiration for Educators

KODEIT offers new ways to enhance teaching and learning by integrating Technology into the lessons Educators teach every day. From foundational concepts to new age technologies like AI, Robotics, IOT etc. Educators find fun and easy activities, project guides and inspiring ideas to help them make more meaningful learning experiences for your students.

There are many activities and templates for each of these ICT concept phases for them to find fresh inspiration – Daily!

Besopke Curation

KODEIT provides tailored curation for schools, enabling them to design the curriculum to align with their specific requirements and preferences.